And the Winners Are.....

Darcy Burke stopped by Forever Book Lover to chat about her books, and her writing. On her visit she offered a give away of Her Wicked Ways and His Wicked Heart ~one of each book to two commenters, so their will be two lucky winners.

I am happy to announce the following winners.... in a random selection...

BlackTulip with her comment.....    HER WICKED WAYS
When I read a historical romance book, I want to be touched one way or the other by the characters, I want a strong story with descriptions vivid enough to make me forget everything else. I want to feel, at one point, part of the story .... Sometimes there is magic between the lines and the wonderful thing is to be able to feel it yourself. That's exactly what I'm looking for ! Magic ...


Joanne with her comment....   HIS WICKED HEART
I love seeing how people lived in different time periods. I like to learn about their dress, mannerisms, etc, and see how they differ from ours .

Each winner has 48 hours to CONTACT ME, with their email address or another winner will be drawn. Thanks again for everyone who commented. If you didn't win, I recommend making some room in your TBR pile and add Darcy Burke to your collection.


emaginette said... Best Blogger Tips


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank You .... this is a first because I never won anything in my life before !!!!

Kat and Forever Book Lover is like a good luck charm !

I'll read this book with even more enthusiasm ...

Kat ~ Forever Book Lover ♥ said... Best Blogger Tips

Congrats, Black Tulip. Enjoy!

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