About Me

My friends call me Kat. I was born and raised in New England, and relocated to California. I have been living in the Carolinas for the past thirteen years.  I always need to have a beach nearby, something about not being land locked. LOL.

I love to read, hence the blog name. I started this blog on a suggestion from a friend on goodreads, she once asked, "Do you have a blog? You have great reviews, it should be something you think about". My answer to her, was honest, "What's a blog?"... Well after some research, some surfing the net at other bloggers, I said I can do this...

I have a full time corporate job, during my "me" time, that is when I read, sometimes into the wee hours of the morning.  Thank goodness for cover-up makeup to cover the dark circles, LOL

The first book I ever remember reading was Black Beauty. I took this book with me on my summer vacation and from the first moment I opened the cover I knew I found a friend, a companion to be with me whenever I was lonely.

Books are very much like people in so many ways. Inside the pages they speak of lives and hold secrets. They keep you company, they become a sanctuary. Sometimes you love them or sometimes you hate them. They can leave you with words or phrases that give you chills, lingering a bit longer in your thoughts. If you are lucky, you find many can become your best friends, those that you pick up again and again. And some can change your life forever.

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