Her Christmas Pleasure by Karen Erikson

Her Christmas Pleasure
by Karen Erickson
Publisher: Carina Press
Published Date: November 28th 2011 
ISBN:  1426892705 (ISBN13: 9781426892707)

Review courtesy of netGalley
Damien Morton is madly in love. Unfortunately, it's with his best friend's widow, Lady Danver. Damien is not worthy of Celia. Or so he thinks. Desperate to escape his feelings for her, he plans to leave the country at the first of the year. Celia treats him as a family friend and nothing more—until they share a heated kiss beneath the mistletoe...Celia is shocked by the passions that surge within her at her dear friend's kiss. One touch and one taste aren't enough to satisfy her cravings, and she is startled into action. Damien has stirred something inside her that she never expected to experience again, and she must have more. Full of shameless desire and emotions newly discovered, she decides to pursue Damien and won't be deterred. Will she be able to convince him to stay—both in her heart and life—forever?

My Thoughts:

Her Christmas Pleasure was a hot short novella. Did it put me in the Christmas spirit after reading it, No. But it did make me wish for someone like Damien underneath my tree. Hopefully Santa will get my letter and grant my Christmas Wish. ♥
The basic premise of the story is one which has been repeated time and again. Man secretly lusts after woman, woman is married to his best friend. There are a couple of twists to this one: it’s set in the 1800’s, the woman is now a widow and the storyline doesn’t drag along at sluggish pace, the whole will they or won’t they game. In the span of eight chapters, they share their feelings, act on their attraction, and they go off and live HEA.  THE END.
Now with any Karen Erickson’s books, she creates the most delicious love scenes. The tension leading up to Damien’s and Celia’s first kiss under the mistletoe leaves some sparks, simmering until the love scenes, which are explosive and wickedly erotic.
If you in the mood for a romantic sizzling novella, you won’t go wrong reading this.  

I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

My Rating: 
After leaving the working world to become a stay at home mom/slave, Karen Erickson realized she needed to get crackin’ and pursue her life long dream of being a published writer. A busy mother of three, she fits her precious writing time in between chasing her children, taking care of her wonderful husband and pretending she has a maid. She lives in California
You can visit Karen at her website.


kimba88 said... Best Blogger Tips

great review..i think i will read it!

Kat @ Forever Book Lover ♥ said... Best Blogger Tips

@kimba, enjoy!!!

TToria said... Best Blogger Tips

I've never read any of Karen Erickson's work before, great review, this sounds interesting

New follower here


Kat @ Forever Book Lover ♥ said... Best Blogger Tips

@TToria, Karen writes contemporary, historical and erotic romance. This is the first historical I have read from her. Thanks for the visit!!! ♥

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