Wish You Were Here by Christie Ridgway

Wish You Were Here (Avon Light Contemporary Romances)
Wish You Were Here
by Christie Ridgway

As unofficial matchmaker for beautiful Abrigo Island, Zoe Cash practices her own form of no-risk romance. And when Yeager Gates arrives in town for a little R & R, Zoe decides that he'll be her latest project. But the secure world Zoe's created for herself is turned upside-down when she finds herself falling for the sexy fighter pilot.

Yeager's flying days might be over, but spending time on Mother Earth with tantalizing Zoe is putting him back on solid ground. Yeager makes no secret of the fact that his island stay is temporary, but when the time comes will he really be able to leave Zoe behind—for good?

My thougths:

Christie Ridgway does it again. Not sure why I never read this one before. For those who love HEA this is one not to miss. The Hero, heroine and minor characters each struggles with their own issues,but rest assured love prevails, even through family drama and dysfunctions..

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