Real Men Wear Plaid! by Rhonda Nelson

Real Men Wear Plaid!
Real Men Wear Plaid! 
by Rhonda Nelson

These Highland hotties are about to meet their match!
The Wanderer
Sexy Ewan MacKinnon meets fellow soul-searcher Gemma on a hiking trek through Scotland. They have wildly creative sex along the way, leaving them both with delicious memories of their journey. But at the trail's end, will their adventure be over, too?
The Warrior
Proud Cam MacKinnon is king of his castle. And he has a castle. Really. But he gives up all semblance of control when Summer shows up for a murder mystery party. Because he has to have her. And one weekend of uninhibited sex should be plenty…shouldn't it?
The Wayfarer
Heart-stoppingly hot Alec MacKinnon is honorable to a fault. So he shouldn't sleep with his friend's gorgeous daughter, Isla, right? But when Isla falls into his arms, what's he to do? After all, aren't some things just meant to be?

My thoughts:

For those wondering, this is how my love for Highlanders began. Three brothers, three short stories. All set in Scotland. Good plots and plenty of hot scenes. My only negative is that I wish that each of these brothers had their own book,the novellas ended too quickly for me.

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