Review ~ Scandal Takes the Stage (The Wicked Quills of London #2) by Eva Leigh

Scandal Takes the Stage (The Wicked Quills of London, #2)Scandal Takes the Stage by Eva Leigh
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The good and bad about reading reviews prior to reading a book. Yes, I believe that you can get a hint of what to expect in the book, but I try not to venture too far so not to learn the end before i have even started at the beginning. The bad, we as readers have different opinions, what I like may not be to their likings. So if you rely or focus on a readers opinion you might possibly miss out on a great read because it was not to someones liking.

My thoughts: Scandal Takes the Stage is again yet another great reading adventure by Eva Leigh. I was anticipating Maggie's story and her hidden secret. And what a perfect romantic partner: Cam. He himself has some hidden desires. Cam comes to the rescue when Maggie finds herself in a situation that may jeopardize everything that she grounds her. Once Maggie agrees to Cam's help, she finds her "voice" again. The cat and mouse game between Cam and Maggie is what adds spice to the storyline. It was a pleasant read, one that I couldn't put down for very long. I like the writing style of Ms. Leigh, she provides a solid background of the characters, allowing you to see them as a dimensional person and not just flat character. She brings the characters to life with her words and spins a tale that grabs you as she takes you on a romantic and sometimes quirky journey.

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