Delicious Do-Over (Harlequin Blaze #609)

Delicious Do-Over by Debbi Rawlins

On the cusp of a new business venture, überpractical accountant Lindsey Shaw has reluctantly let her friends talk her into a "second spring break" in Hawaii. Now she's in Waikiki…and even reuniting with her wickedly hot one-night fling from years ago! Only Lindsey is feeling a tingle of fear—or is that sweet, sweet anticipation?
Rick Granger has his own fear—that gorgeous, smart Lindsey might discover more about him than he's ready to reveal. She thinks he's just a surfer dude—fine with him, it keeps things uncomplicated. Only, complications whip up like waves once Lindsey dips a toe in his waters….

My thoughts:

I had trouble with the flow. There was not alot of time spent developing the secondary characters. Sometimes Rick seemed dominanating, cold and others times a romantic. I didn't like how weak Lindsay was portrayed. I liked the first book in the series much more.

My Rating: