Release Day ~ Review & Exclusive Excerpt ~The Rogue Returns by Leigh LaValle

Leigh LaValle’s The Rogue Returns is being released Today and how EXCITING is that!  I am so thrilled to be asked to host Leigh and the launch of her latest in the Nottinghamshire series. The Rogue Returns is a Historical Romance unlike anything you have ever seen read.
Check out my review, a sampling of what you will find in the book.

Leigh takes over FBL tomorrow, she will be Guest Posting and offering a chance to win a digital copy of  The Rogue Returns!

The Rogue Returns
(Nottinghamshire Series #3)
by Leigh LaValle
Paperback, 235 pages
Publication: January 13th 2014
by Heart Bay Publishing
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I have waited patiently for Roane's story. I first met him in The Runaway Countess, this was Leigh't debut book. If you missed my review catch it here. This story begins after Roane's three year return from isolation. He has paid for his time, now he has plans, big plans and all he needs is the gold he and a friend buried. But it is not as easy as it sounds, you mix in a high spirited woman and missing gold and you have a action packed adventure. As they partner up to follow the clues left by her brother, Roane and Helen start a journey that will be filled with humor, suspense and some very seductive romance. I couldn't have picked a better heroine for our leading man. She is spunky and tenacious.

This is a must read, you don't necessarily need to read the first two in the series, but I think it will help with building the background. Leigh writes characters that are believable and have depth. Why not take the journey with them.... Will Roane give up the girl and walk away when he finds what he is looking for?

Helen felt her face heat and forced herself to stand taller. Mere charm and flirtation were not enough to outmaneuver her. She knew more about rogues than any lady of two and twenty ought to know. “If you think to intimidate me, you will not. I am staying here.”
Roane raked his gaze over her, leaving a trail of unwanted heat on her skin. She anticipated what he would say next. Something about her hair or her complexion or whatnot. She would stop that nonsense before it began. “Your silver tongue will not—“
“There is a spider on your skirts,” he nodded toward her.
“What?” She shrieked and bumped into his chest as she turned side to side. “Where?”
Roane stepped back as she danced in a tight circle, flapping her gown like a flustered hen.
“Where is it?” she cried. “Is it gone?”
“Slow down, let me see.” Taking his time, he leaned forward and made a big show of looking at her skirts. “I think it is gone, but it could have climbed up. Maybe into your hair.”
“Aaak.” She was dancing again, swatting at her shoulders and arms, swiping the back of her neck.
Roane crossed his arms, threw his head back, and let loose loud guffaws of laughter.
Helen stopped her ridiculous hopping and smacked him on his upper arm. His rather solid, muscular arm. “I should know better than to listen to anything you say.” She huffed but again brushed the back of her neck. “Spider, indeed.”
His laughter subsided to chuckles and he shook his head. “You are never going to make it one night in these woods. Spiders are the least of your worries.”
She crossed her arms, mimicking his posture. “Oh no?” Certainly she could endure one uncomfortable night for her share of sixteen thousand pounds. “Watch me.”


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