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Look who is back again.... Catherine is visiting us again with her latest release in the Weekday Bride Series, Single by Saturday.  It is a bit different than your normal marriage of convenience. 
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The Weekday Bride Series, Book Four
Montlake Romance, Contemporary
January 07, 2014, First Edition
Paperback & Kindle


The petite blonde married a Hollywood star, yet she’s the one who spends every day playing a part: The part of a happy wife. A year ago, she agreed to wed a famous actor to diffuse rumors about his personal life. Now, her divorce sits just around the corner, along with a five million dollar payout. However, as she prepares to exit her fake marriage gracefully, her drop-dead-gorgeous brother-in-law walks through the door… and into her heart.

Dark-haired, blue-eyed hunk, Zach, crashes Michael and Karen’s fancy one-year anniversary party, determined to meet the wife his brother hid from their family. But sparks fly the moment he and Karen see each other. When the famous couple decides to visit the whole Gardner clan, Karen must keep Michael’s secret under wraps in front of his questioning relative… including Zach, the man who could be the real love of her life.


“The fourth outing in the Weekday Brides series captures readers’ hearts and keeps them glued to the pages until the fascinating finish. Romance lovers will feel the spark fly … almost instantaneously.”

The Weekday Brides Series:

I am loving all the covers for this series, the covers are great and so is what you find inside!

Typically when I read a book with the book based on a fake marriage, the couple ultimately fall in love with one another at the end of the book, HEA. Well this was not the case for Single by Saturday, readers don't be alarmed there is romance and the author leaves us with a HEA, it's just not with the couple that is married.  This story has some twists and the author did think outside the box on this plot, Michael and Karen have a marriage of convenience. How hard is it to married to a Hollywood star, and at the end of the contract you can just walk away along with a nice little sum from the divorce settlement. Seems easy, right... Well it did for Karen, until Michael's brother came visiting.. now that is when things get just a bit tough... Your not suppose to get all hot and bothered by your brother-in-law.. I am not telling anymore, you have to read what happens in this little triangle for yourself... Pick up a copy today or better yet, enter the Giveaway below for your chance to win your own copy!

If I can say one part that was difficult for me to read and I almost disliked Michael after reading the scene, is when he went all Rambo on Karen while at the family picnic. I am not a fan of forceful kissing, not when it is not enjoyed by both parties. I know the part was needed in the plot, just made me a bit put off.

As many of you know I read anything and everything by Catherine Bybee. This series is great and I am a firm believer that you need to read the first in the series to capture the essence of this wonderful book..

This man was gorgeous, and if she were one to believe in instant attraction, her body responded to him with a fierceness she didn’t think possible. Maybe this was what the women gazing at Michael experienced that she did not. This wild thrill of discovery that led to possibilities only the big screen could fulfill.

Instead of letting her imagination get the best of her, Karen flattened a hand over her stomach and attempted to act unaffected. “Do I know you?”

The sex personified blue-eyed man stepped toward her. It took effort for her to hold her ground.

Sensing her unease, he held still, looked around the both of them as if noticing the caterers running about and guests arriving behind him, and said simply, “Zach Gardner.”

The smile on her face stayed. The name tickled at the edges of her consciousness. Memories flashed behind the veil of her mind until she narrowed her focus. “Michael’s brother?” she whispered.

Zach gave a small nod and swept his eyes down her frame. When his eyes met hers again, he masked whatever he’d been thinking, then he smiled and said, “And you’re the wife none of us have met.”

Not a lot shook Karen. She’d managed the role of Michael’s wife under the ever-present scrutiny of paparazzi, producers, actors, and fans . . . but the man standing in front of her did what no one else could. He made her question her decision to marry.
New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Catherine Bybee was raised in Washington State, but after graduating high school, she moved to Southern California in hopes of becoming a movie star. After growing bored with waiting tables, she returned to school and became a registered nurse, spending most of her career in urban emergency rooms. She now writes full-time and has penned novels Wife by Wednesday, Married by Monday, and Not Quite Dating. Bybee lives with her husband and two teenage sons in Southern California.


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It makes me feel young again. I've been single for a long time and have forgotten about romance. When I read a good one, it makes me realize you are never too old, ot's never to late:)

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