Moving Day is finally here.......

Well moving day is finally here, so today will be my last blog post for awhile.  I am just about to pack up my Mac  (sob, sob, sob).  It will be a bit before I will be able to log back in and post reviews, my feature "In the Spotlight", blog tours, interviews and such.... Although, I have internet access with my droid tablet, it will require wifi and even then it doesn't seem compatible with the blogger post settings, so access to my blog will be impossible.

I hope to be back live by the end of next week..

I have read so many great books and have been introduced to many new authors, I can't wait to get back and have time to concentrate on reviews.  I also want to thank everyone for being patient and your kind words and thoughts when I was away helping my mother.  It meant a lot to me..

I hope to see all of you really soon.  Please keep popping back in to my blog, I would love to read your comment, while I am away...  :)

See you soon....


Reading said... Best Blogger Tips

See you soon, Kathy! =)

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