Q&A with Susan Mallery on SUMMER DAYS & Giveaway

Susan Mallery has put together a great Q&A on SUMMER DAYS (Fool’s Gold Book 7) to help fellow bloggers spread the word. 

Take a look at what she has to say about the three cowboy brothers coming to Land of Happy Endings, will the women of Fool's Gold ever be the same again? 

New York Times bestselling author Susan Mallery has entertained millions of readers with her witty and emotional stories about women and the relationships that move them. Publisher’s Weekly calls Susan’s prose “luscious and provocative,” and Booklist says, “Novels don’t get much better than Mallery’s expert blend of emotional nuance, humor and superb storytelling.” Visit Susan online at www.susanmallery.com.

Tell us about SUMMER DAYS.
SUMMER DAYS is the perfect beach read. It’s funny, romantic, sexy, and it’s light both in tone and in actual weight – you can toss the paperback into your beach bag and go. (It’s also available wherever ebooks are sold.)

Heidi Simpson had a vagabond childhood with her grandfather. The one thing she wanted most in the world was a home of her own. Now, in her late 20s, she finally has one, but her ranch is put on the line by a scam her grandfather pulled in order to pay for a friend’s surgery. Rafe Stryker is the son of the woman whose money was stolen, and the first of the Stryker brothers to move to Fool’s Gold. He’s on a tear when he arrives, determined to protect his mother’s interests at all costs.

Since possession is nine-tenths of the law, neither is willing to leave the ranch until a judge can decide the matter. Sparks fly right from page one between Heidi and Rafe! The people of Fool’s Gold take sides in a pretty hysterical way.

You can find SUMMER DAYS wherever books are sold – bookstores, online, even the grocery store check-out line. You can read a free excerpt on my website, www.susanmallery.com or in the free app for iPhone and Android (www.mobileroadie.com/apps/susanmallery).

Who are these Fool’s Gold cheerleaders I keep hearing about?
Oh, the cheerleaders are beyond fabulous! This year’s squad is made up of 60 Fool’s Gold super fans who are earning prizes all summer for telling other readers about Fool’s Gold. They’re driving around with Fool’s Gold car magnets, wearing Fool’s Gold T-shirts, handing out bookmarks like candy to everyone they meet.

Speaking about the cheerleaders, the bracelet was made by one of the Fool's Gold cheerleaders. It's just so creative and wonderful!

For those of my followers who have never read a Fool’s Gold book, tell us about the small town known as the Land of Happy Endings.
SUMMER DAYS is the seventh book in my series set in fictional Fool’s Gold, California. Fool’s Gold is a small town in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. It’s a quaint place where people truly support each other – mostly with casseroles. And margaritas. Women rule in Fool’s Gold. For many years, there was a man shortage, which is just now beginning to level out, thanks to the town’s efforts to bring in some pretty spectacular men.

Fool’s Gold is the most popular series I’ve ever written. In fact, last year, one of the Fool’s Gold books hit #3 on the New York Times and #8 on the USA Today bestsellers lists. Those were personal bests for me and very thrilling.

Each book is written as a standalone, which means that you can jump in and start with SUMMER DAYS, and you won’t feel lost or confused. While previous characters make an appearance, you don’t need to know their stories to understand this one.

Why did you decide to write about three cowboy brothers?
With each year’s Fool’s Gold books, I try to create heroes who represent iconic male archetypes. The men of Fool’s Gold have been athletes, businessmen, pilots, surgeons. Each is a leader, powerful in his own way. His strength goes deeper than the physical. He does what’s right even when it’s not easy. When he falls, he falls hard… and he loves forever.

This summer, three cowboy brothers will ride into Fool’s Gold on horseback in SUMMER DAYS, SUMMER NIGHTS, and ALL SUMMER LONG. The Stryker men represent everything I love about a cowboy hero. They are protective, honest, tall and strong. And wow, do they do nice things to a pair of blue jeans!

Since this is Fool’s Gold, these cowboys come with a special twist – humor. Rafe is undone by Heidi the Goat Girl. Shane has to teach the local librarian how to do the ancient Dance of the Happy Virgin – while riding a horse. And Clay, the youngest, made his fortune as a Hollywood butt double.

What’s next for Fool’s Gold?
In SUMMER NIGHTS (July), Shane Stryker will meet Annabelle who, oh my WORD, do I love! Annabelle is my gift to all the librarians who have supported me so wonderfully over the years, putting my books into readers’ hands with a fervent, “You’re going to love this!” Annabelle is a librarian who defies the stereotypes – she’s fashionable, modern… a dangerous, pint-sized sexpot, as far as Shane is concerned. He’s completely undone by her the first time they meet, so much so that he can’t even remember his own name.

Then comes Charlie, to be paired with Clay in ALL SUMMER LONG (August). Oh, Charlie. She’s so tough and oh, so wounded. She’s got that hard-as-nails firefighter exterior, but when it comes to matters of the heart, she is as vulnerable as they come. Something happened in Charlie’s past that has made her afraid of intimacy with a man. She’s the kind of person who tackles her problems head-on, much to Clay Stryker’s delight. She’s determined to learn how to be with a man, and she’s decided to ask Clay to teach her.


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Romance is my thing! said... Best Blogger Tips

The three things I love about Fool's Gold are:

1. The way the women come together and support each other no matter what the crisis or happy event is.

2. All of the men are flawed in some way and learn to recognize it and try to fix it.

3. Rafe Stryker on a horse is the sexiest thing I've ever heard described. I think the tattoo is right: A cowboy did steal my heart!

Vickieann said... Best Blogger Tips

That it is written by Susan

Ditto on Romance is my things #2!!!!

And that for some reason the name of the book makes me think of Matthew McConaughey.

The Shameless Reader said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the Land of Happy Endings and mixing in some sexy cowboys just makes it a little better.

Rafe Stryker is a good guy who takes care of his mom, even when she's driving him crazy.

Everyone should read Summer Days.

Blessed x3 said... Best Blogger Tips

1. The town- How the town people always help one other out! Love that!

2. Love that the woman comes together to support one another in good times & bad!!

3. Denise Hendrix!! Mom of 6 kids + Took in Josh! Talks to her kids, listens! Always there!

Melissa said... Best Blogger Tips

I Love Susan
I Love Fool's Gold
I Love Summer Days!!!!

I love this story. Rafe and Heidi are great together. :)

Thank you Susan for another great book!!!
Can't wait for Summer Nights!! June 26th!!

calstephanie said... Best Blogger Tips

Great review! Summer Days was such a fun story. Made me LOL several times. I loved Heidi and Rafe!

Blessed x3 said... Best Blogger Tips

Since June, I have also read Summer Nights. It has became my favorite of all of the Fool’s Gold books. Summer Nights is another great summer read. Annabelle is caring, a great friend, & so sweet! I love that Annabelle wanted to learn how to ride a horse for her fundraiser for her bookmobile. There is 1 thing that I absolutely love a lot & it has to do with Shane, but I am not going to give it away.

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