The Saint (Highland Guard #5) by Monica McCarty

The Saint (Highland Guard #5)
by Monica McCarty
Publisher: Randome House Publishing Group
Published March 27th 2012
ISBN:  0345528409 (ISBN13: 9780345528407)

Robert the Bruce consolidates lands and loyalty in a bold war for Scotland’s independence, as his elite team of warriors, the Highland Guard, fight for king, country . . . and love.
Magnus MacKay is the ultimate Highlander: tough, proud, able to master any terrain and to best his enemies. Called “the Saint” for his refusal to discuss women, as well as for his cool and steady leadership, Magnus hides a painful truth. It isn’t virtue or piety that keeps him silent, but a wound of love and loss that cuts so deep he cannot bear to speak of it. But when the woman who refused him is betrothed to his friend and fellow Guardsman, Magnus is tested by love’s battle cry.
A wild and innocent beauty, Helen chose family duty over her desire for Magnus. Now the anger in his eyes mirrors the tormented regret in her heart. But as deadly subterfuge stalks the King and his Guard, Helen vows to right her youthful mistakes with a woman’s determined spirit. Still, Magnus harbors secrets and an iron will not to weaken to temptation—or heartache—again. But as danger looms, it’s the kiss not of a saint, but of a sinner, that can save them.

My Thoughts

I knew from previous books in the Highland Guard Series, that Magnus was in love with a woman who was either off limits or involved with a fellow Guardsman. There is an unspoken "Code" between the Guardsman and Magnus knew to bow out. This book was a rollercoaster for me, so much emotion, it had me crying like a baby one minute and laughing at the banter the next.

I have read the first 4 books in the series, and although I think you can get by without reading them to read this one, I would highly recommend you reading them in order. They all help set the background and provide in depth character building.

You may have read other reviewers may not have cared for the heroine, Helen. I liked her spirited ways, she loved a man who was an enemy to her brothers. She made choices that were hard but she was also a young woman in an era when woman did not or could not stand up for themselves or be independent.

Monica did an outstanding job depicting their romance and the struggles of their pride keeping them apart. I will tell you I was surprised at the end, I won't tell you more but you will be surprised as I was on the ending. But rest assured another Highland Guard finds love and happiness. ((sigh)))

As with all the Highland Guard Series, it is not without the intense battle scenes. You will love this tale if you enjoy action, romance and my beloved "highlanders". Pick up a copy you will not be disappointed.
I just took a peek at the next book in the series, The Recruit, it is due out in October...

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Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Love your review !
I wanted to read this series from the start, but here I'm and I still haven't. Maybe in another life ... or maybe if I hurry !!!

Kat ~ Forever Book Lover ♥ said... Best Blogger Tips

BT~ I do hope you make time to read them, all very intense and romantic.
Thanks for stopping by.

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