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I am participating in the The Devil Has Dimples Blog Tour. Today, I have the pleasure of reviewing Pepper's Phillips's book, make sure you stop by tomorrow, Pepper provides a Guest Post as she goes around the blogosphere on her virtual blog tour hosted by CLP Blog Tours.

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In the Deep South, one of the first questions asked when meeting someone new in a small town is, “Who’s your daddy?” The answer defines you as a person. Not knowing is disheartening.

Sara McLaughlin never knew she was adopted and is stunned to realize that if she wants to find out the questions burning in her brain as to the ‘why’ she was given up at birth, and who her father might be, she has to live in her birth mother’s apartment for the next six weeks.

Grant St. Romain, attorney, is supposed to be helping, but the hunky dimpled devil is making her mind think of other things.

Can she find the truth? Or will she break her heart trying to find out the answers in Boggy Bayou, where many secrets are hidden?

This book kept me in stitches. What a wonderful humorous and entertaining book. I think this would be a great beach book !  Sara McLaughlin is having an identity crisis, she learned she was adopted when she received word from an attorney of her birth mother's passing. The story is about her journey and along the way we are introduced to the most off the wall characters from Boggy Bayou.  You can't help but laugh out loud.  You can't help but cheer on Grant and Sara and see their romance blossom.

If you love contemporary romance novels, with a Southern flare, this is a good book!  This is the first time for me reading Pepper Phillips books and I just loved her writing style. And from one southerner to another she described the essence of the south perfectly.  Oh and a word of advice, I would read this book on a full stomach...  you'll understand once you read the book!!  

Thanks for the opportunity to read this book!!  I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

My Rating:
Pepper Phillips wrote her first play in the seventh grade. But before that she read every book in her age group at the small local library. An only child, she entertained herself in the worlds she created in her mind. She's still pretty mindless in some respects, but her writing world is where she is the happiest. She ventured into self-publishing in 2011.

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