Release Day Blitz~ Q & A When The Scoundrel Sins by Anna Harrington

When the Scoundrel Sins
Anna Harrington
On Sale: August 29, 2017
Series: Capturing the Carlisles: Book 2
Publisher: Forever
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Price: $7.99 USD
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Six years ago, a childish prank perpetrated by the reckless Quinton Carlisle ruined Annabelle Greene's reputation and any chance she had at securing a successful marriage.  Incensed, she moved to her beloved estate on the Scottish border and has reveled in the solitude...until now when the contents of a family will are revealed.  Suddenly, Belle's single status may cost her the only home she's ever known.  Now, with her only marital prospect a horribly greedy and completely undesirable man, Belle knows just the person to rescue her-the one person who owes her for his bad behavior...

There's nothing Quinn Carlisle wants more than to get out from his older brother's shadow and make a name for himself abroad. So when a mysterious letter arrives, promising adventure, he rushes to the Scottish border...only to find that Belle laid a trap for him.  The awkward, shy bluestocking whom he so enjoyed tormenting is gone, replaced by a graceful, elegant woman who ignites a desire in him he can't resist.  Can Quinn help her save her home-and win her heart in the process? 

FBL ♥: Do you write detailed character profiles before writing, or do you find the characters come to life as you write?
 I don’t do detailed profiles as such, but I do have a pretty good overall idea of the characters before I start writing. I’ll know hair and eye color for the physical traits, and I’ll have very detailed motivations for them stemming from their backstory. But I usually let the rest come naturally as the book unfolds, then go back and layer in the specific details once the first draft is finished. Characters seem to reveal themselves to me more once I know the settings in which they’ll move and the emotions that grip them.

FBL ♥: What do you like better: when you’ve just started writing a book or when you’ve just finished one, and why?
I love having the first rough draft done, because then I get to dig into the revisions, which are my favorite part of writing. For me, it’s like baking Christmas cookies – the first draft is simply making up the big ball of dough, but the revisions are when I get to mold the specific shapes. (The joy comes when the book is released and I get to share all that hard work with others, hoping they find the stories delicious!)

FBL ♥ : Is anything in your book based on real life experiences or purely all imagination?
For once, none of the events or characters are based on real life. BUT in the library scene, there’s a very personal description of why Belle loves books, and *that* came straight from my own heart:  “She loved books. Oh, how could anyone not? The way they smelled of pulp and rainy afternoons, the soft scratch of the paper beneath her fingertip as she turned the pages, all the wonderful knowledge and adventures held within their covers just waiting to be discovered—she loved everything about them. But most of all, she loved the way they had always brought her comfort. Given the choice between sneaking off to read a book, where she could let her imagination run wild and believe anything was possible, and being forced to be polite even as people cut her directly to her face, well, she’d gladly choose a book any day.”

FBL ♥: What books are on your nightstand, waiting to be read?
Too many! If the stack ever falls over, I might never be found! J Right now, I’m reading His Ballerina Bride by Teri Wilson and set to read Georgian London: Into the Streets, The Lady Meets Her Match by Gina Conkle, and Calling It by Jen Doyle (on my ereader).

FBL ♥: If When The Scoundrel Sins had a theme song, what would it be? That’s an easy one. “Home” by Phillip Phillips… “Settle down, it'll all be clear / Don't pay no mind to the demons / They fill you with fear / The trouble it might drag you down / If you get lost, you can always be found / Just know you’re not alone / 'Cause I’m going to make this place your home.” The entire book is about the importance of home, of having that one place where you feel safe and loved, and the joy of finding it with the one you love.

Anna Harrington fell in love with historical romances--and all those dashing Regency heroes--while living in
London, where she studied literature and theatre. She loves to travel, fly airplanes, and hike, and when she isn't busy writing her next novel, she loves fussing over her roses in her garden.


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