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I’m so pleased to have Jennifer Snow, author of Harlequin’s Heartwarming Christmas Story, The Trouble with Mistletoe here at FBL. Today, we have a one on one with Luke Dawson from Trouble with Mistletoe, on the Hot Seat.

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Interview With Luke Dawson from "The Trouble With Mistletoe"

FBL- “Welcome to the blog Luke.”

Luke- “Thank you for having me.”

FBL: “First, let me say-I think you broke a lot of hearts when you and Victoria reunited after all those years apart.”

Luke laughs- “Victoria has always been the one for me.”

FBL:- “So you were happy when she came back to town to buy out your sporting goods store?”

Luke- “It was the worst case of mixed emotions-I was happy that she was back in town and for the chance to show her the life she left behind and hopefully change her mind, but the fact that we had to go head to head over the store left me conflicted.”

FBL- “The store meant a lot to you?”

Luke-“The sporting goods store was a landmark in the community, a piece of Brookhollow history. It wasn’t just a store. It housed our local team trophies and memorabilia from Don Jamieson’s time in the NFL.”

FBL- “But in the end, Victoria meant more?”

Luke- “Always.”

FBL- “What is it about her that made you realize she was the one?”

Luke- “I love her determination and her strength and the fact that she’s open to taking risks and facing challenges. Of course, she’s beautiful and smart, but the fire in her is what draws me in.”

FBL- “So, just when you think things are going well…she’s opening up, you both are reconnecting…You leave her stranded in New York-what was that about?”

Luke- “Not my proudest moment, I admit…but man, that woman can make me crazy.” Laughs.“When I heard her say that everything we had going on was all just about securing the deal to buy the store-it killed me…I couldn’t spend the next three hours in the truck with her.”

FBL- “Then as fate would have it-you end up stranded on the highway?”

Luke- “Karma, I guess.”

FBL- “But in the end, it worked out.”

Luke- “Thankfully, yes.”

FBL- “When Victoria came back the third time-did you believe this time was for good?”

Luke- “You know, I can’t say I still entirely believe that. Vic loves New York, but the thing is-I love her…so if she ever gets the urge to flee again-I’m going with her.”

FBL- “Well thank you Luke. We appreciate you being here today.”

Luke- “Thanks for hosting me.”

Thanks for stopping by Luke, I know your fans loved getting up close and personal with you.

Jennifer Snow is a contemporary romance fiction writer. Her previous releases include Mistletoe Fever and Mistletoe & Molly from The Wild Rose Press and Mistletoe Bachelors from Secret Cravings Publishing. Her new six-book small town Brookhollow series released through Harlequin Heartwarming includes The Trouble With Mistletoe, What A Girl Wants, Falling for Leigh, The Mistletoe Melody and coming May 2015-Fighting for Keeps.

She has also published writing how-to articles in RWR Magazine, Mslexia Magazine and WestWord Magazine and has taught online writing courses through several RWA chapters.

She is a member of the Writers Guild of Alberta, Romance Writers of America,, Backspace, and the Canadian Authors Association.   She lives in Edmonton, Alberta with her husband and four year old son.


Nikki said... Best Blogger Tips

Yeah Luke, you broke hearts, including mine. Loved the interview! Love Luke.

Rita said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the sound of the story, I can't wait to read it.

Beautiful Disaster said... Best Blogger Tips

I enjoyed the post and the interview was great ;)
I'm looking forward to reading it.
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This sounds wonderful thank you.


Jennifer Snow said... Best Blogger Tips

Beautiful Disaster-you win the e-book copies at this tour stop:) Please email me at Thanks everyone!

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