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Well It's a brand new year and it's time to be introduced to fellow bloggers... Today we are introducing Rain and her blog Reading Infection. Here's is a snippet about Rain...

I've been reading since I was four (totally useless info, right?). Love books, love discovering new authors, love losing myself in a good story.

I'm not a book snob. If I like a book, I don't care who wrote it, what it's about or what anyone thinks of it.   Also, I don't mind differences in taste/opinion - it can be refreshing and helpful to hear another point of view - but I do mind disrespectful and judgmental individuals.

If I ever stop talking about books, you'll find out I like chatting with my friends, writing, music, interior design, cats, guinea pigs, colorful nail polish, silver jewelry, and... well, I kind of collect mugs (total caffeine addict).

Love my heroes Alpha, dark, damaged, tattooed (if possible) and lethal. I'm such a slut for those.
My energy level has an on/off switch, so I'm either not moving or on jerboa mode.
I have a tendency of going to extremes.

In real life, I'm in a loving, all-consuming relationship (not thatkind guys, it's sort of an ongoing joke) with my very best (girl)friend/soulmate/saner half, for sixteen years already. Love ya, Ami!

Let's learn more about Rain.... Thanks for stopping by....

When and how did you decide to become a book blogger?

I’d been toying with the idea of becoming a book blogger for a while, but it never seemed to be a good time to start. Six months ago, I finally shared my thoughts with my friend Dinjolina, we decided to do it together, and the blog was up and running in no time. As I’d had personal blog for years and enjoyed the experience immensely, this was a great way to combine my love for books, and my need for a place where I can share all the bliss and gloom of reading.

So far, what’s the hardest part of being a book blogger?

The hardest part (and one I haven’t figured out yet) is finding the time to do all that needs to be done. Aside from that, I enjoy blogging very much.

What do you do when you are not blogging?

Chatting with my online friends. Meeting with the offline ones. Reading. Cooking. Spending time with my family. Acting like a family therapist/peacemaker when necessary. Collecting fictional boyfriends. :)

Tell us about the name of your blog, Reading Infection, how did you choose this name?

Both Dinjolina and I gave a couple of suggestions for the name. Reading Infection was hers. I loved it, and it was the easiest decision to make. Really, reading is an (incurable) infection, so why not go with the obvious?

What genre(s) do you read, can you tell us what is it about the genre(s) that grabs your interest?

I’m the “romance all the way” kind of girl. Historical, contemporary, suspense, erotica (BDSM and m/m especially), paranormal (though I’d always rather read about shifters than vampires)... I do enjoy reading a good thriller/horror too, when the mood strikes.

A regular dose of HEA is what I need, and what romance books provide. What grabs me, when it comes to any genre, is a great hero/heroine, good plot and the ability of an author to hold my attention and make me wish I could live in his/her book.

Who are your three favorite authors?
That’s a tough one. My list of favorite authors changes constantly, as I keep finding new books I love. Nora Roberts was my favorite for years, and I read every book of hers I could find.

Three favorite authors in 2012 (sorry, that’s the best I can do with the “favorite” thing) are Kristen Ashley, Joey W. Hill and Abigail Roux.

Which author would you most like to meet (dead or alive)? Tell us more..

Margaret Mitchell, definitely. She managed to create a phenomenon, though I’m not sure she was aware just how popular the book will turn out to be. I love “Gone With the Wind”, it’s one of my all time favorites, and I’d love to chat with her and try to figure out what gave her the inspiration for it.

Another reason is the fact that although there is no HEA, the book is just perfect. It became even more so once I read her comment "For all I know, Rhett may have found someone else who was less difficult.", when asked about what happened to Rhett and Scarlet after the book ended.

How big is your TBR pile? How many books do you read/review in a month?

My TBR pile is huge, and it could explode any day now. I’m aware it’s out of control, but I can’t seem to stop adding more and more books, hoping that someday I’ll manage to read them all.

Sometimes I read fifteen books in a month, and sometimes I only manage to finish three or four. It all depends. Life has a tendency to interfere with my reading, so I try to grab every moment I can to finish a book (which usually means I’m up late at night).

When it comes to reviews, eight to ten a month is the number I’d like to post, but sometimes I need to go back and re-read some parts of the book first, or simply let the review lie for a while before posting it, so (again) it all depends.

Finally, if someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be?

Uh-oh... “NSFW”. Let’s leave it at that. :)

On A Personal Note

I’m 31, from Serbia (no, not Siberia), a true coffee addict and in love with books. I work as a professional translator, and I will never publish a book, because I’m honestly disgusted by all the celebrities here that suddenly became writers. It’s not the crowd I’d ever like to join.

I tend to spend too much time online, since I have great friends all over the world, and I like to chat with them daily. And, I do love my family, but their tendency to interrupt me while I’m reading is driving me crazy most of the time. What makes people think I’m bored every single time they see me with a book is seriously beyond me!


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