Takes Your Breath Away #6

I am happy to welcome back, Black Tulip. She once again joins Forever Book Lover with several wonderful and poignant quotes, which she has graciously shared from the books that she has read. You know the ones, they are the moments when one character expresses their true feelings, their love for another, maybe you dog ear the page, or highlight them on your ereader, they're the ones where you simple have to catch your breath, because they simply- Takes Your Breath Away.

Later as dawn crept into the sky, they lay entwined, reluctant to allow even sleep to part them.
She said it first, allowed it to slip out as his body plundered her own. "I love you. I love you." And then he had exploded deep inside her so she knew, without him ever saying, that this was what he had desired to hear above all.

Dangerous Enchantment - Margaret Blake
She pressed her hands to his chest. "Do you not see, my dearest? For too long you have walled yourself behind a fortress, shutting out the pain, but also dwelling in shadows of your own making. Yet, I see the light that yet shines in your heart. You cannot hide it, and I would see it burn brighter still."
Shades of the Past- Kathleen Kirkwood
"I thought I'd lost you," Skyler said, choking on tears.
"No, love," Quentin lifted her chin with his forefinger, gazing into her eyes, "You had me the first day I saw you. I love you, Skyler Ellesbrooke."

The Road to Dark Desire - Brooklynn Rivers
“I’ve always loved you, Adriane. I just didn’t know it until I saw you.”
Adriane could see the depth of his promise in his eyes. With him beside her, she’d be able to face whatever was to come. Even the blackest closet of her fears would never be completely dark again, for his love would glow from inside her to push aside the darkness. A gift of light from the Lord who had heard her prayer in the darkness.

Words Spoken True - Ann H. Gabhart
“I'm afraid, so afraid,” she whispered against his mouth as he sought to reclaim hers.
“Afraid o' wha', mo cáran? O' lovin' me?”
“Afraid of loving you, only to lose you.”
“Our love is a blessin' we've both been given, a blessin' tae be treasured, no' feared. Time canna take tha' from us, in any century. No matter wha' may come, our love will remain.”
He kissed her deeply then, a thick, full kiss, extravagant and timeless. Julia gave herself completely to that pleasure, loving him with her lips. As that sweet joining continued, Julia felt a part of her flow out to him, even as a part of him flowed to her.

A Slip in Time - Kathleen Kirkwood

What breathtaking quotes, thank you for sharing these with us Black Tulip.

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Thank you very much for having me today and letting me share a few quotes that have touched me. We need more than ever to share everything that makes life worth living when we are confronted, as a few days ago, to events so appalling that you wonder if you are not having a nightmare. Unfortunately, no.

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BT- well said, thanks for stopping by.

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