Price of Temptation by Lecia Cornwall ~ Interview, Review & Giveaway

I am so very excited and honored to have Lecia Cornwall on my blog today. What makes it even more special is today is the release day of Price of Temptation. I loved this book so much that I just had to write Lecia to tell her! And guess what? ... She agreed to do an interview for the blog! Hurray!!!  You will find my review of Price of Temptation following the interview.

Lecia Cornwall lives and writes in Calgary, Canada, amid the beautiful foothills of the Canadian Rockies, with four cats, two teenagers, a crazy chocolate lab, and one very patient husband. She is hard at work on her next book.

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FBL ♥: Do you have a list of character names to choose from, or do names come as your characters are created?

Lecia: I used to make lists, thinking I’d use a particular name someday, but I still end up searching for the perfect name for my characters every time I start a new project. Once I find the name that fits, be it Phineas or Gilbert of Sinjon, they just couldn’t be anyone else. I get inspiration from lots of places. I look at the mastheads of British magazines, read movie credits, and even check phone books and maps for ideas.

FBL ♥: Do your personal relationships influence those of your characters?

Lecia: My daughter is a beautiful redhead, and my heroines often have red hair, but I try to keep the people I love separate from my work. If I put them in my stories, I’d never get invited anywhere and I’d probably end up old and alone! I used to write shy, introverted heroines, who were too much like me to be satisfying, so now I make the ladies I write choose the difficult path every time, participating in their own rescue, giving as good as they get in all situations.

FBL ♥: Do you have any writing rituals?

Lecia: I get a large cup of coffee, two squares of 90% chocolate, and sit down to start work. I usually write about four hours a day, and rough in outlines for the next day’s chapters at night. I do a lot of mental plotting while I’m walking my dog in the afternoon. It’s amazing how fresh air, sunshine and the company of a good chocolate lab help you think better!

I write a character outline when I start a new story. It answers questions about who they are, what they want, and what their flaws and weaknesses are. Once you know these people—and they do become like family as you go through a story with them—their choices match their personality.

I have two cats who like to sit on my desk while I write, so space is always at a premium. I’ve learned that you can’t fish pages out from under a contented cat. I swear they know which documents on a messy desk covered with pages are the most essential to what you’re doing. Those are the ones they roost on.

FBL ♥: The relationship that develops between Sinjon and Evelyn is filled with high amounts of sexual tension and undeniable passion. As a writer do you ever find it challenging to make the characters wait for that heated moment ?

Lecia: I love making them wait! I think that sexual tension can be even sexier than the sex scene….all those glances, touches, wicked quips, and naughty thoughts—delicious! Sexual tension uses every sense, from touch to scent and sight to create a mood of desire and passion. That offers great possibilities for bringing the characters closer emotionally and physically, so the love scene, when it happens, is a culmination of a hundred little moments that create romance through deep feelings for each other outside the bedroom. That makes sex magic (for the reader as well as couple, I hope!) Sinjon and Evelyn’s passion was forbidden, and that adds even more spice to their relationship.

FBL ♥: Do you make a music playlist for your stories?

Lecia: I’m more visual. I look for photos of people who might look like my characters, or search for pictures of beautiful settings or costumes. I did have one heroine who shockingly launched into playing Beethoven’s latest passionate symphony at a party when she was supposed to stick to safe, sedate, country dances. I love music, from Beethoven’s 7th, to Loreena McKennitt’s evocative music, to the jazz my kids play in their high school bands.

I listen to a lot of Loreena McKennitt music, actually…here’s a Christmas treat…a link to Loreena’s version of ‘Good King Wenceslas’ from one of her Christmas albums. The accompanying video is very beautiful, too.

FBL ♥: Do you read reviews of your books? If so, do you pay any attention to them or let them influence your writing?

Lecia: I read every one! Perhaps that comes from being a relatively new author. I’m thrilled when people read my stories, and when they like them, but I don’t get terribly upset by negative reviews—a writer is usually her own worst critic, and I’m far harder on myself than any reviewers has ever been (at least so far)! If there are several similar comments about a particular aspect of a book, then I usually consider how to improve on that for the next story.

FBL ♥: What can readers expect next?

Lecia: This month, I have two releases, a Christmas e-novella called ALL THE PLEASURES OF THE SEASON, which will be released on December 20. The Price of Temptation will be available on December 27, and I’m working on a brand new story called HOW TO DECEIVE A DUKE, which will be released in late 2012.

FBL ♥: Thank you, Lecia for stopping by!!

The Price of Temptation
by Lecia Cornwall
Publisher: Avon
Published Date: December 27th 2011
ISBN: 0062018949 (ISBN13: 9780062018946)

Lady Evelyn Renshaw can ignore the disgrace her former husband has brought down upon her. She can even disregard the accusations. But when her life is threatened because of his actions, she realizes a stiff upper lip won't be enough to keep her safe. So she hires a new footman powerful enough to protect her...only to find herself shamelessly intoxicated by his breathtaking masculinity.

Captain Sinjon Rutherford is no footman...but there are those who believe him a traitor. The only way to prove his innocence is by playing the part of elegant Lady Evelyn's servant in order to infiltrate her home and uncover the truth about her suspicious relations. Yet what seems at first an easy deception is anything but, once he meets his alluring new employer and discovers just how tempting a woman in charge can be....

Review courtesy of netGalley
My Thoughts:

The story grabs you from the very beginning, within the first few pages the heroine, Evelyn, is attacked and a mysterious man comes to her rescue. If you enjoy historical romances with a dash of mystery or intrigue, then Lecia Cornwall’s Price of Temptation is for you. This book has it all. A tale which weaves treason, espionage, secrets, and romance together in a web that the reader can’t help but get pulled in. This novel will leave you crying, laughing, and cheering for Evelyn and Sin.

Evelyn is a strong female protagonist, she is shunned by the “ton” when her missing husband is accused of treason. She is tired of the gossip, tired of being watched. She is a recluse, a prisoner in her own home, whenever she ventures out someone is watching her, hoping that she would reveal her husband’s hiding place or were an important piece of "treasure" is hidden.

Sinjon (Sin) Rutherford is an outlaw with a price on his head. Needing a placed to lie low until he could find a way to prove his innocence, he agrees to pose as Evelyn’s “footman”. He was ordered to keep an eye on her, both for her safety and to dispel any rumors that she is aware of the location of her missing husband’s or the “treasure”. You felt his struggle when he lied to her, but he had no choice, it was the price he had to pay to gain his freedom.

Lecia did a great job with the secondary characters; they added depth to Evelyn and Sin. I enjoyed the relationship between Evelyn and her sisters, not only did they provide support and unity, they were also whimsical and I couldn't help but laugh out loud reading the dialogue between them. Who knew there were so many shades of "yellow." I also loved Marianne and Adam Westlake, these are two characters I would like to read more about ~ possibly from courtship to marriage.

Readers will get caught up in the romance between Evelyn and Sinjon. With well-written characters and an amazing plot, there’s more than enough to keep readers turning the pages. Price of Temptation kept me entangled from beginning to end. This is a terrific book with characters you'll remember long after you've turned the last page.

Price of Temptation has a well-earned spot on my keeper shelf. Lecia Cornwall is an author to watch!

I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

My Rating:
To celebrate the release of Price of Temptation, Lecia is giving away a copy of this wonderful book to one (1) lucky winner. The book will be in the format of your choice, and she will be happy to mail it anywhere the winner lives! Another bonus, Lecia will be here today to chat with you, and answer any questions you might have.

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Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

My reading goal for 2012 is to read 150 books! This year I already read over 100, so hopefully, I'll be able to do it!

I loved reading All the pleasures of the season! Happy release day, Lecia! =D

kerry said... Best Blogger Tips

I have read 333 books so far this year So next year I aim to read 400 books.

kimba88 said... Best Blogger Tips

Great interview and giveaway. In addition to reading 200 books for 2012..i also want to read at least 50 from by TBR pile.

June M. said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you for the wonderful interview & giveaway. I don't generally do resolutions, but I do plan on reading at least 150 books in 2012, and trying some new genres such as steam punk.

Shelley B said... Best Blogger Tips

I really love the premise of this book. I mean how can you go wrong with a hero called Sin? My goals for the new year is to lose more weight. I've lost 50 pounds and need to lose 30 more. I bought myself a new iPad and want to catch up on my reading. Thank for the giveaway!

Lecia said... Best Blogger Tips

So many great books, so little time! I find the hunt for new thigns to read is part of the joy—trying new genres like steampunk, or an auhtor that's new to me. And of course, there's my HUGE TBR pile!!!

Lecia said... Best Blogger Tips

I need to get back on my diet, too. Christmas is a very hard time to lose weight, isn't it?

Kat @ Forever Book Lover ♥ said... Best Blogger Tips

@ Lecia, Thanks for this wonderful book and for taking time to visit here today.
For me each day I have to always be mindful to choose healthy food and so far I have been able to keep on track. I found some support through a wonderful website, where I track my food/exercise and they help keep me motivated!

Lecia said... Best Blogger Tips

My daughter and I tried Weight Watcher's Points Plus program on line. LOVED IT! We both lost weight, ate really well, and even got to have pizza and ice cream on weekends. Then we had a lot of traveling to do, and kinda fell off the wagon. We didn't gain any weight back, thank heavens, but we stopped losing. It feels so good to eat properly, doesn't it? I guess that's why diet is always at the top of everyone's resolutions list!

Lecia said... Best Blogger Tips

Looking forward to going to the bookstore today to see if The Price of Temptation is out on the shelf yet...

ClaudiaGC said... Best Blogger Tips

I loved Lecia's first one! Can't wait for the sequel.

ClaudiaGC said... Best Blogger Tips

(Somehow the second half of my post went missing.)
I don't really want to explore new genres. My TBR pile is already large enough. ;) I certainly need to buy fewer books. I can't keep up any longer. And I'm sure there are many good books waiting in my TBR pile for me.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

After reading the summary of this book I knew it was a story I would very much like to read. Romance, a zest of mystery and a pinch of lies ...
everything to whet my appetite ! and then the review convinced me completely.
An interview with a writer is always interesting, it gives you some insight about the writer's world which is always a plus. To me the fact that a person is able to create so wonderful a story has always been kind of a big mystery. I definitely will a fan of Lecia Cornwall in the future. Hope my prose is correct because I'm french, from France living in Canada ...
My resolution for 2012 is to read the more I possibly can. Happy Holidays to all !!!

Lecia said... Best Blogger Tips

Perhaps a Kindle, Claudia...though I haven't got one. My son got one for his birthday, and once he show me how it works (I am a true techo-ninny), I might cut down on the book stacks around here with one of my own!

Lecia said... Best Blogger Tips

Bonjour, Black Tulip! I'm an English Canadian, with a little bit of French, but my son speaks excellent French and Russian, too. Your English looks much better than my French would be!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Well Lecia, I don't like to talk or chat a lot, so for me to read in a foreign language is the surest way to learn it or more precisely to improve. I hardly read in french anymore - I devour Medieval and Regency romances only in English (FM and MM). I began to immerse myself in English more than 10 years ago now when we arrived in Canada, my hubby and me !!

elisabeth said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi. My New Year's resolution for 2012 is to read one book for every week of the year.

ClaudiaGC said... Best Blogger Tips

@Lecia Oh, I've got a Kindle. I meant both, my paper and digital TBR pile. :) And it's not so much the space (maybe a little bit ;) ), there's just somehow a pressure on me to read all that. And that is quite overwhelming.

Lecia said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Elizabeth - a very good goal! I usually get to a point in the year where I'm trying to read two or three or even more books at the same time (one in every room of the house) since there's so many good books out there! Not a good way to enjoy books!

Lecia said... Best Blogger Tips

Yes, my son tells me that's the best way to learn as well. He spent 6 months in university in Russia last year, and came back nearly fluent. He read, talked, travelled...Bonne Anneé!

Lecia said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, Claudia, that's funny, and kinda ironic...we get these devices to cut down on paper and give us more time, and we end up with twice as much, don't we?

BJ said... Best Blogger Tips

I plan on reading more than 100 books this year and actually keeping track of them on Goodreads...the reading isn't the prob it's the keeping track that's going be the big issue...LOL

Lecia said... Best Blogger Tips

I agree, BJ...I start every year with a list of books I've read. Then I start reading two at a time, or chose I I don't like and don't finish it, and the list gets complicated. Let's just say I'm at the book store far more often than my husband is happy about, since I always come home with something...

Kat @ Forever Book Lover ♥ said... Best Blogger Tips

Lecia, Thank you so much for taking the time for the interview and stopping by here to chat with us today. And again, I just loved Price of Temptation!! I wish you all the best on the book release.


wyantebay said... Best Blogger Tips

My goal is to read 200 books in 2012. I think I can do it.

Kat @ Forever Book Lover ♥ said... Best Blogger Tips

@wyantebay, you may want to check out goodreads, it is a great site to track your progress. Thanks for stopping by!!

Diane D - Florida said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Lecia, Many thanks for such an entertaining interview.

My goal this year is to read 3 Historical Romance books per week instead of my usual two.

Thanks for this opportunity. Happy New Year to you and your family.

VanillaOrchids said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm going for a goal of 150 books. I read a lot of books in 2011 but I didn't keep track of how many of them I read. So this will be the first year I attempt to keep track of them as well as to reach a certain goal.

The Price of Temptation sounds great. I love this genre. :) Thank you for the chance to win it!


kimmyl said... Best Blogger Tips

My goal is to be able to go through my totes and read all them so I can start buying more to replace those. LOL
Happy Holidays!!!!!!!

Lissa “The Book Nut” said... Best Blogger Tips

OMG!!! Your site is the best!!!

You have to teach me how to set up a blog!!!

My daughter gifted me one...

I can't get it to do what I want....

my email is but I can't figure out how to work that one as well so best email me at I can work that one.. LOL HAHAHA

Good luck 65 Followers already!!!!!

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