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I love my Kindle, but I find myself missing.... bookmarks. I don’t want to confuse anyone, I know that my Kindle can save my place wherever I stop reading and I can also add additional bookmarks throughout the ebook. 
book·mark: n.
A strip of material, as of ribbon or leather, or a metal clamp, that is placed between the pages of a book to mark the reader's place.

I didn’t set out to collect bookmarks it just happened, in my childhood I would normally received a book either for my birthday and/or for Christmas; with each book there would always be a bookmark tucked in between the pages.  So, I was slowly accruing a collection of bookmarks over the years. Each one was either whimsical or unique in its own way.

Over time, I found myself buying them whenever I came across, if they were free the better.  Why didn’t I just use the ones I already had? Well like the black hole or the one missing sock syndrome, I managed to lose them quite often.  So then I needed to be creative, sometimes they were business cards, receipts, paperclips, a matchbook cover, basically anything that was around, once I used a toothpick.

Why not just bend back the page I was stopping at?  I spent a large part of my childhood in the school or public library, where I learned to treat each book kindly, back then those books were not my propriety, and above all,

 You Do Not Write in Books and You Don’t Dog Ear the Pages.

I also miss the fact that with bookmarks, I could quickly tell at a glance how far I have read and how much further until the ending. 

I still love my Kindle, there are just a few things I miss.  to be continued...

Here are some artistic and unique bookmarks:

I found magnetic bookmarks, there are two magnets, which clips firmly to the page. It not only can mark a line by placing it on the side of a page, you also will not lose your bookmark or your marked page.



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