Wish Upon a Star by Sarah Morgan

Wish Upon a Star
by Sarah Morgan
Publisher:  Mills & Boon
Published Date:  October 7, 2011
ISBN: 0263889998

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Love is in the air this Christmas!

Christy was hoping to skip Christmas this year. Her kids have other ideas - they've put their dad's name at number one on their Christmas list. So it looks as if Christy will be hightailing it up to the Lake District to play happy families with her ex!

Snow-capped mountains and roaring log fires - Alessandro's home is like walking into a Christmas card. Is it really safe for her to spend Christmas with her dreamy, funny - no! - entirely infuriating ex-hubby?

Miranda has completely the opposite problem. Being single and pregnant at Christmas was certainly not her wish come true. She doesn't believe in miracles, but then resident hunk Jake sweeps her off her snow-covered shoes. Come Boxing Day dare she dream that Mr Sex-on-Legs might be for more than just Christmas?
My Thoughts:

This is my first book from the Mills & Boon Medical Romance Line. Two short stories, but I preferred Miranda and Jake's story.

The medical terminology is great, very detailed.  The only gripe I would have is that unless you were knowledgeable of medical terms used in the UK, the U.S. reader can be somewhat confused. A reader from the author’s area (UK) won’t find anything strange about the spelling or choice of words, but a person on the other side of the world may not be aware of spelling/word differences between the British vs. American language. Sisters are Nurses, Specialists are Consultants, and the most confusing was how they referred to "Doctors", as they are addressed as "Mr. or Ms.” What’s that about?

So for the Medical Romances I suggest that they include a glossary. Sometimes you can’t get it from the context. The first time I read Mr. instead of Dr., I thought they anyone could be a surgeon!!  

The heroines in both stories were highly competent and quite experienced in the medical setting. In the first story, Alessandro came across very domineering and was the most powerful of the couple. The lack of communication drove them apart and although they reunited, I was not totally convinced they resolved the issues that separated them initially. I normally like for the hero and heroine to communicate and get things out in the open, however I felt that Alessandro was still holding back and would revert back to his controlling ways before too long.

In the second story, Miranda’s, I felt more connected. Having the heroine be pregnant by another man, can be hard for an author to get just right, however Ms. Morgan did an wonderful job creating a sweet and romantic plot for these two characters.  Together they would find the family that are both longing for.

Although with a Christmas setting, I didn't think either captured the Christmas spirit. Another minor annoyance is the title, ‘Wish Upon a Star’ did not have anything to do with the stories inside. If you enjoy medical romance, I think you will enjoy ‘Wish Upon a Star’, with the few exceptions noted above. Though it does have a few rough patches for me, it was not bad, but not great.  

I received this free ARC in exchange for an honest review.

My Rating 
As a child Sarah dreamed of being a writer and although she took a few interesting detours on the way, she is now living that dream. With her writing career she has successfully combined business with pleasure and she firmly believes that reading romance is one of the most satisfying and fat-free escapist pleasures available. Her stories are unashamedly optimistic and she is always pleased when she receives letters from readers saying that her books have helped them through hard times. 

Romantic Times has described her writing as ‘action packed and sexy’ and nominated her books for their Reviewer’s Choice Awards and their ‘Top Pick’ slot. 

Sarah lives near London with her husband and two children who innocently provide an endless supply of authentic dialogue. When she isn’t writing or reading Sarah enjoys music, movies and any activity that takes her outdoors. 


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