To Catch An Heiress by Julia Quinn

To Catch an Heiress (Ex-spies, #1)
To Catch an Heiress by Julia Quinn

When Caroline Trent is kidnapped by Blake Ravenscroft, she doesn′t even try to elude this dangerously handsome agent of the crown. After all, she′s been running from unwanted marriage proposals. Yes, Blake believes she′s a notorious spy named Carlotta De Leon, but for six weeks until her twenty-first birthday, when she′ll gain control of her fortune, hiding out in the titillating company of a mysterious captor is awfully convenient -- and maybe just a little romantic, too.
Blake Ravenscroft′s mission is to bring "Carlotta" to justice, not to fall in love. His heart has been hardened by years of intrigue, but this little temptress proves oddly disarming and thoroughly kissable. And suddenly the unthinkable becomes possible that this mismatched Couple might be destined for love.

My thoughts:

I laughed many times while reading this book. I really enjoyed this book, it is yet another of my favorites from Julia Quinn.

This story is a case a mistaken identity. Blake believes Caroline is a spy which he has been chasing. By the time he realizes his mistake, things have gotten complicated. They fight a lot and it is great fun because Blake has quite an adorable temper. You need to read it to find out how this unfolds....

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