Book Tour ~Big Bad Beast Tour by Skhye Moncrief ~ Promo and Giveaway

I am honored to the next stop on the Big Bad Beast Tour, Skyhe Moncrief is traveling around the blogosphere promoting her wonderful book, Big Bad Beast.  I am doing a spotlight on the book and providing a review…  Have fun all……

Werescape Book Six
Skhye Moncrief
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Cover Artist: Erin Dameron-Hill (EDH Graphics)
Length: 38,000 words (160 pages in print)
Heat level: Spicy-carnal

***Warning: Heroine has sex with hero while in his Wolfskin.
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Each wants the other, but neither can stand to be in the same room.

One day in the Big Woods, Normal Josie wakes up and helplessly watches a Shifter virus kill her immediate family in their remote wilderness homestead. Josie has no choice but to carry on. She's forced to brave the forested Wild alone, leading a string of pack horses with all the supplies she can manage to her uncle's Shifter outpost--back to where she became known as a little Normal female who could kick butt with the best Shifters, back to where she fell in love with the only Shifter she could ever mate. Thank goodness he isn't there. But when living among a pack of Shifters, a girl has to obey the alpha. And her alpha has secret plans for her, plans that involve the only Shifter she loves--the Shifter who now irritates the hell out of her.

Stationed at an isolated agricultural outpost with nothing but teenage hormones for company, Shifter Hostillian doesn't mind monotonous day-to-day schedules where he rules the roost. And then his inner Wolf's favorite wild cat screeches at his door. He has no desire to mate the only person who challenges everything he utters. But his Wolf makes demands the minute it catches Josie's scent.
Stand back and watch the fireworks light up the Minnesota sky because the BIG BAD BEAST can't help but to huff and puff and blow Josie's house in...

Aside from muscled men in fur, leather, denim, or kilts, I love cultural ecology, cultural evolution, cultural relativism, and natural processes. Big ideas. Simple concepts that manifest in world building to crazy people like me who studied anthropology and geology before turning to writing romantic fiction. My rule of thumb is to love the good, the bad, and the ugly of every culture in my tales so every aspect of my stories resonates as real as possible.
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One winner at each tour stop will receive an ecopy of Big Bad Beast (kindle or nook version- winners’ choice).  All you have to do to enter is answer this question...

  If you were a heroine in a paranormal romance novel, would you prefer you love interest to be a ghost, a vampire or a shifter?  Tell me which one and why... Write your comments below.....

                Please leave your comment along with a valid email address to enter   

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Na said... Best Blogger Tips

I would like my love interest to be a vampire! They are my fav paranormal creatures.

Kai said... Best Blogger Tips

I would prefer my love interest to be a shifter (wolf or dragon, can't decide which of these two). From what I understand both are mated for life and that the kind of commitment I'm looking for.


Mary Preston said... Best Blogger Tips

I've always been drawn to ghosts. Not the scary kind,but lost souls.


Skhye said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi, Na! I think I'd be happy with a sexy vampire, one dedicated to me!

Hi, Kai! Now that's some serious confusion. Who can choose between wolf or dragon? I can't!

Hi, Mary! Ghosts work for me as long as he's a hunk! (I suppose that's a given in a romance novel! *wink*)

Thanks for hosting the party, FBL!

Lawren Bokman said... Best Blogger Tips

I would want a vampire. There is something sexy and alluring about them.

Lawren Bokman said... Best Blogger Tips

Sorry I forgot to give a way to contact me :) hit me up at twitter as @1wren thank you.

rubyswan said... Best Blogger Tips

If I were a heroine in a paranormal romance novel I'd want my hero 2 B a Shifter! 4 me I love the Free buckwild take No prisoner & rebel without a cause Alpha hero but with a heart of gold.thanQQQQ!

Skhye said... Best Blogger Tips

Definitely sexy and alluring on the vampires, Lawren!

Rubyswan, I think you summed up the best things about shifters! ;P "the Free buckwild take No prisoner & rebel without a cause Alpha hero but with a heart of gold"

Kat ~ Forever Book Lover ♥ said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks everyone. The Giveaway has ended. I will be posting the name of the winner, shortly.

Krysykat said... Best Blogger Tips

This book sounds naughty ;) I'd love a shifter, they have all that power.


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