Fall in Love ~ Giveaway Hop

fall in love giveaway hop
The Fall In Love Giveaway hop was organized by Reading Romances!

Welcome to my first blog Hop!!

When I heard my friend Nat from Reading Romances was having a another fabulous Blog Hop, I thought it was about time I joined in on the fun.

Fall in Love ~ Giveaway Blog Hop!

Fall is my favorite time of the year, the change in foliage~orange & red leaves, the gathering of friends and family of a day of Thanksgiving! There's something about this time where love is in the air. 

What better way to celebrate the Autumn then to have a Giveaway.. As my blog name says ~I am a Forever Book Lover, so why not share my love of books with those all you!!!

Here's your chance to win a Gift Card to purchase some of your Favorite Books!!   Just follow the rafflecopter widget below and enter to win a $20 E-Gift Card ~ Either Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or up to $20 (USD) in books from the Book Depository, the best news, this is open internationally!!  Good Luck All!

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nurmawati djuhawan said... Best Blogger Tips

devil in the winter by lisa kleypas is my fave romance book ever :)
always reread because i love sebastian st.vincent and evie...

thx u for the giveaway..

chikojubilee at gmail.com

Dita Škarste said... Best Blogger Tips

I guess the best ones would be Romeo and Juliet by W. Shakespeare and Tristan and Iseult by Joseph Bédier (looks like I love beautiful but sad romance,lol).
Thanks for making it INT! :)

Swordlily said... Best Blogger Tips

well.. I like Jude Deveraux's Knight in the shining armor :)

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

My fav romance author is Gena Showalter (yes, I love paranormal romance!)
Thanks for the awesome giveaway! :D

Proserpine said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi! Thanks for this giveaway! My all time favorite Romance is Beyond the Highland Mist by Karen Marie Moning. This story combine everything I love : paranormal romance and sexy highlander!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I love so many, but I keep coming back to DIVERSION by Eden Winters, SAY A LITTLE PRAYER by Clare London, DECEPTIVE ATTRACTION by Tara Lain, THE CLOSER YOU GET by LA Witt, and THE BEST VACATION THAT NEVER WAS by Lynn Lorenz.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Sigh, forgot the e-mail:


Mel Bourn said... Best Blogger Tips

My favorite is my first...Diana Gabaldon The Outlander. A friend of mine told me I HAD to read it in college. I have been in love ever since.
bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

Reading said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you for participating =D

Jyl22075 said... Best Blogger Tips

The Secret by Julie Garwood is definitely near the top of my favorites list. She was the first romance author I ever read and I devoured her books when I first discovered them.

sheryl said... Best Blogger Tips

My favorite romance is all Paranormal. :) I love JR Ward, Gena Showalter, Donna Grant, Elisabeth Naughton, Lara Adrian, Nalini Singh, Chloe Neill. Sorry so many

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

My all favorite romance book is The Wedding Beat - such wonderful, delightful story that reminds me of great romantic comedies <3

Thank you for the giveaway =]]]

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, forgot to leave my name in the comment above

Ana Death Duarte @anaeileendeath

Sara Viti said... Best Blogger Tips

Well, I'll go with a classic! My fav book of all time is The Picture Of Dorian Gray, well why? Becuase it's amazingly written, full of pearls and I love characters with a dark side! ^^

Thank u for the international giveaway!

Kah Cherub said... Best Blogger Tips

I just love acheron, by sherrilyn kenyon. my favorite ever. :) oh, and outlander. and the sterkarm handshake.

gamistress66 said... Best Blogger Tips

Woodiwiss' wolf & the dove. Read it enough to know it pretty much by heart even years after the last time I read it :-)

gamistress66 said... Best Blogger Tips


BLHmistress said... Best Blogger Tips

my all time favorite has to be Acheron by Sherrilyn Kenyon.

Rafflecopter name; Dawna Newman

Julie said... Best Blogger Tips

I love Jamie Fraser and he's the reason why Outlander is my favorite book!!

Julie K

Melinda Dozier said... Best Blogger Tips

I love all Jill Shalvis romances!

melindaromance AT gmail.com

Eva said... Best Blogger Tips

Dying to Please by Linda Howard -- definitely made me fall in love with romances, especially thrillers!!

Renee McGee said... Best Blogger Tips

Love a new book to read, love following a author I haven't read before...

Angie Adair said... Best Blogger Tips

Bridges of Madison County is one of my favorite Romance books..angadair@nwcable dot net

wanda f said... Best Blogger Tips

Fury by aurann Dohner I read it last week and imediately bought the second ,3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th,8th and 9th books in the series I would finish one and buy download and starrt the next I read all of them in 10 days those are some amazing reads .

Jewel said... Best Blogger Tips

My all time favorite book is Acheron by Sherrilyn Kenyon who also happens to be my favorite author. I fell in love with this book because it brought out all my emotions. I cried, laughed, cringed, smiled & clapped while reading this book. A definite 5 star. :)

jmcgaugh said... Best Blogger Tips

This is a hard question, because I have so many favorites! I'll go back to one of the Georgette Heyer books I read as a teenager: Devil's Cub. I read it so many times! I think that I fell in love with it, at the time, because I identified with the heroine and, of course, it was wildly romantic.

Mary Preston said... Best Blogger Tips

WUTHERING HEIGHTS is a great favorite of mine. All that passion & anguish. What's NOT to love. No momentous HEA here for Cathy & Heathcliff, but that's OK.


Veronika said... Best Blogger Tips

I read On Dublin Street by Samantha Young a few weeks ago and I fell in love with the characters. Their chemistry and the sexual tension between them was amazing!

Filia Oktarina said... Best Blogger Tips

I love books from Nalini Singh's. first time i read her Angel's Blood and i like it, when i read another series from her books i like it to, and buy another series again. and then without i know, i was buy all her books. LOL!!

Kelsey Summer said... Best Blogger Tips

An old favorite of mine is Nora Roberts' Born in Winter. I read it a long time ago and it really introduced me to Nora's writing and I've since read everything I can by her.


Jenn Irving said... Best Blogger Tips

outlander by diana gabaldon. Love that book!

*Pernille* said... Best Blogger Tips

I love all of Paige Toons books. She takes me on new adventures, and new places all over the earth

Kristia said... Best Blogger Tips

I have many favorites but one that comes to my mind right now is Ed4enbrooke by Julianne Donaldson. It's a regency romance and it's veery sweet :)
Thank you for the giveaway!

Fiza said... Best Blogger Tips

I loved Lynn Viehl's If Angels Burn cause it swept me away into the world the author created. And the characters just came alive in my head.

Kat Morrisey said... Best Blogger Tips

I love Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley and it is definitely one of my faves. Things is though, I have a ton of faves that I turn back to depending on my mood! It's so hard to choose just one!


Aly said... Best Blogger Tips

Angel's Blood by Nalini Singh, it is amazing!


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

My all-time favorite romance stories include Pride and Prejudice, The Fault in Our Stars and The Name of the Flower. Each one is a different kind of romance but all gave my heart a *squeeze*

Tanya said... Best Blogger Tips

I fell in love with Dreaming of You by Lisa Kleypas. It is an historical romance I think everyone should read The hero was Derek Craven and he was amazing, he had a scar but that didn't matter he was still gorgeous and the heroine wore glasses. It was just simply wonderful:0)
Tanya my1lulabug at yahoo dot com

susanmp said... Best Blogger Tips

My all time favorite is Annie's Song by Catherine Anderson. I love so many authors, Julie Garwood, Laurann Dohner, Nalini Singh, Maya Banks, and so many more.

susanmplatt AT hotmail DOT com

Karen said... Best Blogger Tips

I have always loved Gone With the Wind!
kpuleski at gmail dot com

kimmyl said... Best Blogger Tips

The Flame and the Flower by Kathleen Woodiwiss. Love all kinds of books but this is the one that got me started.


Melinda Dozier said... Best Blogger Tips

I could read and reread Pride and Prejudice! But since I'm a contemporary author, I'll say the last Jill Shalvis book, Simply Irresistable. Love her!

Kayla said... Best Blogger Tips

There are so many that I love I can't choose just one! So I will go with the book that ignited my interest in books specifically PNR and UF, Twilight! It's not my all time favorite but it did make me an extreme book lover!

miki said... Best Blogger Tips

so many favourite i guess i will tell you one of them only ^^ The Hob Bargain by Patricia briggrs i loved how the romance was building, the humour and magic

Dovile said... Best Blogger Tips

Dead as a Doornail by Charlaine Harris - I love the whole series, but this one is particularly awesome.

Carla said... Best Blogger Tips

I love Lauren Dane's HEA's. Her voice speaks to me and I just love that she portrays strong characters.

CBarton said... Best Blogger Tips

Every time I read a book by Kathi Barton, I am in love with it when I am done.


Kat ~ Forever Book Lover ♥ said... Best Blogger Tips

@Melinda Dozier
Mine too!! She is on my auto buy list.

Kat ~ Forever Book Lover ♥ said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for all the new friends and followers.

So many terrific books and authors mentioned in your comments!

Clarissa (Bookadicea) said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for the giveaway! I love Thoughtless and Effortless by S.C. Stephens. I fell in love with Kellan Kyle! Not enough words to describe why and right now I'm so excited to read the third book Reckless...

-Riz Bulatao

Kaci Verdun said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for the great giveaway! There are so many books and authors that i've fallen in love with - Jennifer Echols, Lauren Barnholdt, Abbi Glines, Elizabeth Reyes, Tammara Webber, Jamie Mcguire, JR Ward, Jeaniene Frost, Larissa Ione, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Cassandra Clare, Richelle Mead!
I love every book written by these authors, but I have to say my favorite book is Acheron by Sherrilyn Kenyon!

Erika said... Best Blogger Tips

I can't really pick one. I love a lot of different genres but romance is one of my favorites. Really loved On the Island which had some sweet romance. Thanks!

laceyblossom said... Best Blogger Tips

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire is one of my most favorite romances ever! It's so intense and amazing, and the hero is so sexy! :)
Lacey T

Joy said... Best Blogger Tips

Ransom by Julie Garwood is my favorite.
magic5905 at embarqmail dot com

Chrystina Williams said... Best Blogger Tips

I have so many favorites, but my top two favorite series would have to be the Thoughtless series by S.C. Stephens and the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. Both of those series pull you in and completely wrap you up in the books.

Beth Gallinger said... Best Blogger Tips

My very first romance: Imzadi.

Jennifer Mathis said... Best Blogger Tips

one of my first favorites was the tiger prince


scott wilcox said... Best Blogger Tips

My first love of romance began when I found a whole box of Harlequins in my basement as a High School Freshman. I read that whole box in a matter of days!

Happy Holidays and thanks for being a part of the hop!

Happy Holidays,

Clever Girl said... Best Blogger Tips

Mine's a classic: Persuasion by Jane Austen. The romance, the years of their separation, the line' you pierce my soul'. I love it all.

SheriV said... Best Blogger Tips

Only for You by Hannah Howell

Farrah Sayyed said... Best Blogger Tips

I have a favorite in adult romance and YA romance. My favorite adult is How to Woo a Reluctant Lady and my favorite YA is Grave Mercy. Both I read on a whim and ended up loving.
Thanks for the giveaway!

let it be said... Best Blogger Tips

My all time favourite is Romeo and Juliet. Though i learn something new everytime I read it, I feel the tortured love between the two...I've been a long time lover of this book :)

donnas said... Best Blogger Tips

Pride and Prejudice. Its just classic, learning each other isnt as bad as appearances make them look and coming together to help and do anything to make the other happy

bacchus76 at myself dot com

Abinormyl said... Best Blogger Tips

Ok, so I have read a list of wonderful books in the comments and just because I want to be different my answer is going to be a little off. =) Some of the best romances I have read haven't been romances at all. My favorite books are The Sword of Truth Series by Terry Goodkind and the love between Kahlan and Richard is awe inspiring. They go through so many trials and tribulations to be together.

Another of my favorites is Beguilement by Lois McMaster Bujold (forgive my spelling). Again, this is termed a fantasy but the love between Fawn and Dag and the barriers they have to fight through to win that love is worthy of the read.

As for a book that fits into the romance category that made me fall in love with the characters well that is simple it would be anything by Lynn Kurland. She writes love inspiring romances.

Thank you for reading.



Krista said... Best Blogger Tips

My favorite author would have to be Lisa Kleypas. Especially Then Came You and Dreaming of You.
But my first love was The Ordinary Princess by MM Kaye. I read it when I was in the 3rd grade and I've been obsessed with HEAs ever since.
Thanks for the giveaway!

Mona said... Best Blogger Tips

There are a few romance books that stick out in my mind :
. The Bridges of Madison County -- I LOVED this book and movie. I realize there is a moral dilemma but it is so romantic. I read this at the height of its popularity and then watched the movie in the theater. Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood were brilliant together. I've seen the film a couple times since then and never tire of it.

. A Knight in Shining Armour -- (Jude Deveraux) I had seen this author's books around but never read one until a co-worker lent this to me. She stipulated that if I didn't like it, she didn't want to talk to me anymore. I was wary b/c historical fiction is not my preferred genre but I LOVED it.

. The Notebook -- (Nicholas Sparks) -- This was one of the most romantic books I ever read. I've seen the movie too but preferred the book.

Sherry said... Best Blogger Tips

I have a lot of books and authors that I really love one of my favorite books is Shades of Twilight by Linda Howard.
sstrode at scrtc dot com

Liese2 said... Best Blogger Tips

I love JD Robb's In Death series. My favorite book is Naked in Death because it's the first one, and I just love how romantic the Roarke character is.
Thanks for the chance!

susan1215 said... Best Blogger Tips

Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorite romance books. Nora Roberts is once of my favorite authors

s2s2 at comcast dot net

Jacklin updegraft said... Best Blogger Tips

One of my all time favorites is probably unleash the night by Sherrilyn Kenyon! She is such a great writer! I love this one book the most because its opposites attract and he should stay away because he's dangerous but he falls for her and her for him anyway! I love it!

June M. said... Best Blogger Tips

One of my favorite authors is Larissa Ione. Love her Demonica/Lords of Deliverance series.

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