Redeeming Vows (MacCoinnich Time Travel Trilogy #3) by Catherine Bybee

Redeeming Vows (MacCoinnich Time Travel Trilogy #3)
by Catherine Bybee
Publisher:  Wild Rose Press
Published December 17th 2010
ISBN 1601548710 (ISBN13: 9781601548719)

For her own safety, modern day, single mom, Lizzy McAllister is forced to bow to the medieval men who surround her when she's thrust back in time to the sixteenth century against her will. When Lizzie finds herself trapped in time with Fin, the one man she finds both irresistible and maddening, she agrees to combine forces with him to rid Scotland of the evil witch, Grainna. Finlay MacCoinnich's attraction to Lizzie sizzles the very air they breathe. Tearing down the solid walls the woman has built around her won't be easy, but he's willing to do anything to keep her by his side. When a spell cast by their deadliest foe throws them forward in time, will they manage to find their way back in time to save their family from peril? And will Lizzy willingly stay in his time, or abandon him altogether?

My Thoughts: 
Catherine Bybee knocked this series out of the park!!  This was an awesome ending for a wonderful series...   In Redeeming Vows, we find Fin and Lizzy's story finally!!  There was so much tension between them in the last book "Silent Vows", you knew these two were destined for each other.  Finlay and Lizzy were always were at odds with one another, but you knew when they finally had their showdown they were going to finally going to admit their love for one another.

I think I fell in love with Finlay by the way he accepted Simon, he immediately fell into a fatherly role and that endeared him to me. Lizzy is a single mom, left to take care of raising her son on her own, so it was a struggle for her to see and accept Finlay's good intentions.

After finally giving in to their lust for one another, Grainna, the evil witch, transports the couple to the 21st century.  As they try to find a way back, Lizzy comes to terms with her true feelings for Finlay and she knows that her home is not in the 21st century but with the family she has come to love and accept in Scotland.

There is a big showdown between Grainna and the MacCoinnich's, I was on the edge of my seat!

You will love this book.  I love each book and I honestly can't say I have a favorite. I fell in love with the entire family and I am anticipating Amber's and Cian's story.

My Rating:
A Personal Note to the Author....

Dear Ms. Bybee,

As you know from my blog, I just adore the MacConnich's. If I may put in a request... I would love to travel further back in time and read the love story of Ian and Lora's. Just by reading of them in the last four books, I can tell they have an  everlasting love and I know there is a wonderful and wicked tale  waiting to be told.


Forever Book Lover 


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tweet, tweet, tweet. :-)

Katie said... Best Blogger Tips

Why don't I have this series yet??? This was a great review and I will be getting these books ASAP. I never could resist a sexy scotsman(:

Catherine Bybee said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks again for reading. I love my time travels!

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