Pulled Long (Long Shots #3) by Christine d'Abo

Pulled Long (Long Shots #3)
by Christine d'Abo
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication: December 12th 2011
ISBN13: 9781426892899

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For months, coffee shop owner Ian Long has fantasized about a customer he knows only as "Blue Eyes." Until he learns Blue Eyes is in the midst of a divorce—the last thing Ian wants is to be the rebound experiment of a straight guy. Giving in to lust, he invites the man into the cafe after hours and they indulge in a little exhibitionist play, but Ian is unwilling to get involved.

But when he’s forced to see Jeff again to return his briefcase, Ian finally agrees to go out on a date. Dinner quickly becomes an erotic encounter in a special room at the sex club Mavericks, and Ian realizes Jeff satisfies desires he didn’t even know he had. The more he gets to know Jeff as a person, the harder it is to resist falling for him.

Jeff makes it clear he’s interested in more than just sex. He wants to go public with their relationship in more ways than one. But can Ian open his heart, when he fears it will be broken.

My Thoughts:

I have been waiting patiently for the third book in the Long Shot series, and I was not disappointed.

Ian, along with his sisters, Paige and Sadie, own and operate a coffee house. A mysterious man has been coming in and flirting with Ian, he won’t give his name so the they coin him “Blue Eyes”. The romance between Ian and “Blue Eyes” has been building since the first book, Double Shot. In the second book, A Shot in the Dark, more is uncovered of this mysterious man and the readers find out that Blue Eyes is going through a divorce.

From the short glimpse into Ian’s life from the first two books, you could sense a troubled past or something weighing heavy on his mind. We get to dive deeper into Ian’s character and learn that he carries around guilt and the feeling that he is not worthy of love. He had a ray of hope with Blue Eyes, but once he learns of his pending divorce, the last thing Ian needs is to be another experiment for a straight guy.

A late night for Blue Eyes brings him to the coffee house, immediately you can feel the “heat” between the two. Jeff aka Blue Eyes tells Ian right off that he wants a relationship with him, a public one, not one that they have to keep hidden.

Christine d’Abo begins this one of with a sizzling hot passionate scene right from the start. It seems our Ian has a fetish ~ voyeurism, the idea of people watching was a turn on for him. I absolutely loved the “Truth or Dare”!!! Their sex scenes were Super Hot!

Jeff’s character is strong and knows what he wants; his character is perfect, he is just the one to convince Ian to stop blaming himself for the actions of others. The turning point for Ian was when Jeff gave him an ultimatum, “Get your head together before you can be with someone”.

Although, we got a small glimpse of Jeff's life, I would have like to see more details on him ~why it didn't his marriage work, his family background, and possibly more expansion on his bi-sexuality. This would have given more depth to his character.

I am now waiting for Josh's (owner of Maverick’s) story and hoping for one on Melanie (Domme from Maverick’s). The books in this series are all stand alone books, so don’t worry if you haven’t read the first two, but why miss out!!

I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

My Rating: 

About Christine d'Abo
Christine d’Abo adores the worlds of science fiction and romance. By combining those elements into tales of adventure and love, Christine creates the types of stories she wants to read. Writing has always been an important part of Christine’s life, and will continue to be well into the future.

Christine has published with Ellora’s Cave, Carina Press, Cleis Press, Samhain Publishing, and has a future release with Berkley Books.

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